Saturday, August 6, 2011

Extraordinary three-row playing

     For those who are delving into a specific musical tradition from afar, it can be a revelation to find that some of the greatest traditional musicians are not announced to the world with slick websites and major recordings.  Denis Pepin is such a living, cultural treasure.
     There is very little evidence of Denis outside of Quebec, but he is, in my estimation, to be counted among the greatest accordionists.  So it was a joy to have found several newly posted videos of Denis on YouTube.  To "Tiroir44," who posted them -- merci milles fois! (P.S., "Tiroir" is a video production firm, so I tip my chapeau to them, and you can visit them here.)

And: even more fantastique:


  1. Denis Pepin has long been at the top of my "best accordeon players" list. This proves why.

    Denis is a musician who happens to play accordeon. His note choices, phrasing, dexterity are other worldly. Fantastique. !!!

    Thanks for posting these videos.. inspirational.

  2. That mazurka is absolutely mind blowing. What an elegant touch he has.