Saturday, August 27, 2011

Accordeon mixte, revisited

While I only joke about my attraction to playing chromatic button accordion, my interest in the accordeon mixte system has been increasing.  I would define the mixte system as having a bisonoric right hand (treble) and a unisonoric left hand (bass/chords). This could take many forms, including a standard 3-row layout for the treble with stradella basses.

Here's an example that I found on YouTube.  (Are the bombarde and binou koz actually mic'd? Yikes!)

(Video on/from YouTube.)

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  1. Bombarde: Because the binou is just not piercing enough. What do we think of the accordion playing that entirely rhythm section role? Love that the reeds always tax whatever recording device tries to capture them. Think I'm going to load up some breton stuff for a long ride tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.