Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flash and glitz, and a very simple accordion!

This video should be interesting to anyone interested in the limits of simple diatonic boxes.  Do not try this at home!  Note the hat: without the hat, none of this would have been possible! Video from YouTube:


  1. Incredible! Not something I can do, but then again: I don't have a hat!
    Greetings, Marjan

  2. I'm going to buy a hat tomorrow!
    This guy is just brilliant...when I get my hat,I can take it off to him!

    practise makes perfect...
    guess I will just have to do some more,
    wish me luck...Ken.

  3. Ken,
    it's pretty interesting to watch him because he uses a lot of "tricks" that are certainly do-able, if you like that sort of thing. It doesn't hurt that he is amplified.
    Years ago, I heard a Dominican player in NY who was absolutely mesmerizing -- very trance-inducing rapid arpeggios and pedals. Good stuff!