Monday, July 18, 2011

Extensive photo-documentation of melodeon building

(Photo by Lester Bailey)

     Emmanuel Pariselle has been teaching melodeon-building workshops in which he guides the participants through the construction of one-row or 2.6 row melodeons.  Recently, Lester Bailey attended one of these workshops and build a gorgeous 2.6 row, 14-bass box.  And on top of that, Lester took dozens of photographs in which the process -- as well as some silliness -- is thoroughly documented.

     Lester's photos can be viewed here.

     There have been previous postings of Emmanuel Pariselle's courses, but I believe that Lester's photos are the most extensive and useful photo-documentation of multi-row melodeon-building that is viewable by the general public on the internet -- 9 day's worth of photos.

     These pictures are inspiring --- inspiring to those of us who wish to build a multi-row melodeon someday, and also, very likely, inspiring envy in those box-players in North America who have never experienced such a workshop on these soils!  Could we organize such a thing? I believe there are a number of venues in here in Vermont that could host a workshop like this. Please contact me if you would be interested, and let me know what times of year you would be available to attend a 7 or 9-day workshop.

     And before I forget to mention it: Lester Bailey puts his skills to work as a repairer -- read more here.

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  1. Even those of us who'd like to build a one row box are inspired here! I agree, Lester's photos are extraordinary. I posted pictures of a previous workshop, but that was really about the spectacle of it all. Lester's photos are very instructive.