Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Scottish from Sweden, via Austria...

     Years ago, at a fiddle-centric event near Graz, Austria, I learned this scottish, which is apparently Swedish.  The Austrian fiddlers called it "Swedisch-Schottisch."  I believe they were playing it a fourth higher.
     I'm playing it mostly on the G row of a G/C/F, reaching up to the inside row for "that note," which you will certainly recognize in the B part.

Listen to "Swedisch-Schottisch" here.

(The link above is also an experiment, part of my effort to make my sound clips accessible to multiple platforms and browsers.)


  1. Great piece of music ... I'm so fond of medium tempo stuff. As for your experiment: clicking on this downloaded the file and then opened my iTunes, which played the piece. That's okay, I suppose, but I really prefer the embedded player. I know this has been a vexing question for you, but that's my preference. Perhaps the embedded player AND the link?

  2. Andy

    This tune has been really popular in England - it is Swedish and I'll try to look out the name later I have the music somewhere with a written harmony part. I play it on the fiddle because of "that" note. Its normally played as a polka and was popularised by the Old Swan band.