Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gorgeous Castagnari Catalog -- now viewable online

     Sometimes I wonder whether the top melodeon builders even need to publish marketing materials -- I would imagine that the Castagnaris would still be swamped with new orders even if they never bothered to make a catalog.  But their line of diatonic accordions is stunning and it would be a shame if no documentation existed for posterity! 
     On the catalog page of the Castagnari website, the viewer can click through to a digital edition of their latest, gorgeous catalog, which includes photos of the family-run factory and workers, components of accordions-in-the-making, and of course, a presentation of the currently available line of some of the finest button accordions ever made. 
     I can't resist embedding this beautiful piece of marketing here. Or you can view it here


  1. Andy, I love this series of posts on the catalogue. You always have interesting insights into the whys and wherefores of different designs. And, as I was saying to another blogger, communicating your enthusiasm is a charming strength.

  2. Aw shucks!
    I do want a paper version of this catalog! (no, I will not make a hat out of it! )