Saturday, April 23, 2011

The One-Row Diatonic Accordion: Pandora's Box!

There is so much that can be done on one row!

Here is a clip of Frank Sears, one of the finest diatonic box players in Quebec! (Video from YouTube.)


  1. Both the box and guitar player are extraordinary. Those country swing chords really give it a New World sound. Can't believe his facility on the one row.

  2. Also it's the same guitar player, Sébastien Deshaies, as in the prior clip with Gaston Nolet. Together with Marc Benoit, also in your post from March "This just made my day", they have recorded a great album; "L’Anche à deux cordes"

    Thanks Andy for you blog. I've learned and enjoyed a lot!
    -Michael Blackwell

  3. This is great info -- thanks, Michael!
    I really enjoy the styles of guitar accompaniment in Quebec and will dedicate a future blog post about it!

  4. Awesome
    Is Pandora's Box the name of the tune or the melodeon?

  5. Neither -- the one-row box, generally, is Pandora's Box: once you open it, lots of stuff comes out! (and some of it diabolical!)