Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some nice, old Hohners for sale

There are two older Hohners in great condition for sale by two friends of mine.

The first is a Preciosa, which was originally in Bb/Eb but retuned to A/D by the Button Box.  In case you are unfamiliar with the Preciosa, it is probably the smallest 2 1/2 row diatonic that has ever been produced, but its sound is BIG!  Great sounding basses and a really nice keyboard action. My friend Robert is selling this box; send your contact info to me and he will be in touch with you.

The second is a Corso in G/C.  I played this box at the Squeeze-In some years ago, and with its three sets of musette-tuned reeds, its sound is very classic.  This would make a great box for anyone interested in learning to play French and Breton music, playing tunes in French tablature books, etc.  The Corso is being sold by Gary; here is a link to his excellent blog. While you are there, check out the miniature Castagnari that he is selling.

(Other than helping friends, I am not connected to the sale of either of these boxes.)

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